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The family winery dates back several generations until the age of King Matthias. For us, the most important finding of our guests taste the world. Winemaker We not only produce different wine grapes, but these vintage flavor harmonies and guests can choose between!

Our wines are traditionally made ​​with a skill handed down from father to son. Sweet wines are sweetened only or must, in any residual sugar content is considered a high conservation of our knowledge.

Riesling wines from the main winery, which Nivegy - Valley of the perfect world of mature taste. The sweet wine cellar soaking the dry vine varieties can be found in almost all multi-year flight back. Sweet dessert wines from several guests who like wine and our winery borkülönlegességeinkbõl csemegézhetnek!

Nivegy the winery - Valley Szentantalfa dûlõ lies above the marsh, where the magnificent lake, the sight of an intimate stylings of our visitors. Guests are very easy to reach winery. Winery vineyard produces several places in the valley. Main grape varieties: Riesling, Müller-Thurgau, Ezerfürtû, Zenith, Pinot Gris, Muscat Ottonell, Zeus, Zweigelt, Syirah, St.Loren expected Juhfark and Cserszegi spicy.

Our winery is up to 50 guests can receive wine-bearer, or pincepörköltre.

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